Hello, I'm Hassy


🛠️ I am the founder of Artillery. Our mission is to help improve performance & reliability of the world's software. We are a small remote-first team and we are hiring!

You can read more about what we're doing in my blog post on the future of tooling for SRE & production engineering.

My professional interests include SaaS, sustainable open source, cloud infrastructure, and software performance.

I have published my README - take a look if you may be interested in working together.

Talks & Podcasts

YAIG.dev podcast no. 5

An appearance on the yaig.dev infra podcast discussing modern API gateways, the myth of overnight success for infra companies, the future of "no code" and more.

📺 YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgJoytQ49Ac

Production load testing as a guardrail for SLOs

This short talks presents two main ideas:

  1. Pagers should only ever go off for SLO violations
  2. Production load testing is an incredible fitness function and a guardrail for your SLOs

🎧 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y20K1mJB6tk

Shift-Left Load Testing is a LIE (PurePerformance Podcast)

This conversation goes into more depth about why load testing is fundamentally different from other kinds of testing, and is best done in a production environment.

🎧 https://podcastaddict.com/episode/125369661


🏡 I live in Ireland. Before that I was in London for 6 years, and in Edinburgh for 11 years.

🌳 My hobbies include carving, surfing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. But with a toddler at home there's not much time for hobbies these days.

☕️ I'm always happy to meet new people and help others. Message me on @hveldstra on Twitter or email me on h@veldstra.org. I'm also on LinkedIn.